Easy Integration of All ADSS Services

Simplifying the use of PKI e-trust services

ADSS Client SDK offers high-level APIs that give simple access to all of the ADSS e-Trust Services. This includes:

  • ADSS Signing Server for server-side signing and verification service
  • ADSS Go>Sign Service for secure document viewing and client-side signing
  • ADSS OCSP, SCVP and XKMS Validation Authority Servers
  • ADSS RA and CA Servers
  • ADSS TSA Servers
  • ADSS LTANS Evidence Server

It supplies all the libraries necessary to easily integrate with business applications. The following diagram shows how ADSS Server can be integrated with high-level calls to the Ascertia Java or .NET based client web-services library:

The following diagram illustrates how ADSS Client SDK is used to advantage within ERP, ECM, CRM or other type of applications today for internal and external sign-off and approval, digital signature verification, bulk document signing and indeed any e-Trust service request made to ADSS Server.

ADSS Server provides high-level security services whilst removing all the lower-level complexities from the business environment. ADSS Server administrators define acceptable policies and profiles as well as how they will be applied and how they will be presented. They then permit or deny client applications the right to use these, e.g. the “invoice signing” profile should only be allowed by the specific finance department invoicing application. ADSS Server verifies that incoming requests are from authenticated clients and also that these clients are authorised to access the requested profile and associated crypto keys held server-side. 

SDK details

ADSS Client SDK package consist of following information:

  • SDK API documentation, release notes, upgrade instructions
  • SDK libraries, and source code samples for Java & C#
  • Go>Sign applet, deployment documentation
  • Example demo web application with source code for Go>Sign applet
  • WSDL and Schema files to help developers interact with ADSS Server in other progamming languages e.g. PHP, C++

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