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  • Belgium: Into IT delivers Ascertia’s OCSP & e-Signing products to the Belgian Government

    Feb 01, 2014
    Into IT ( was the successful bidder to a Belgian Government tender last year which resulted in Ascertia’s ADSS OCSP Server and ADSS Signing Server products being selected for a key Government organisation. The ADSS OCSP Server is a powerful eID Validation Authority product which can provide centralised validation services for multiple Certificate Authorities (CAs). It has now been deployed for validating digital identities from all Belgian eID CAs and various other external certificate providers.
  • ADSS Server v4.7.6 released

    Jan 31, 2014
    The latest ADSS Server v4.7.6 release brings a range of new features. Key enhancements are:
    • ADSS Verification Service provides extended support for OASIS DSS-X signature verification reports, now including timestamp content
    • ADSS Signing Service now includes a sophisticated, light weight, HTML-based PDF editor; this is with pure server-side logic so avoiding need for applet downloads
    • ADSS OCSP Service includes a number of enhancements for wide-scale internet based environments, including HTTP-level caching to meet RFC 5019 requirements and ability to control which transaction elements are logged.
    • General improvements in secure log archiving, compression & management. view full release notes.
  • South Africa: LAWtrust wins DHA eID project with Ascertia PKI and e-Signing products

    Jan 15, 2014
    LAWtrust ( was the successful bidder to the South African Department of Home Affairs to provide eID PKI infrastructure services that use Ascertia’s Validation Authority called ADSS OCSP Server, ADSS Time Stamp Authority (TSA) Server plus ADSS Signing Server products. LAWtrust is a major trust services provider in South Africa and uses Ascertia’s e-trust products for public cloud services, private cloud services and also delivers the products for on-premise deployments. The two companies work in close cooperation to deliver solutions that meet the sweet-spot requirements of high trust, ease of use and reasonable cost.
  • Ascertia Docs v5.6.3 released

    Jan 14, 2014
    The latest version of Ascertia Docs includes the following enhancements:
    • Major enhancements in iOS and Android apps (branded as SigningHub). This includes support for document searching, deletions, ability to initial documents, and e-sign documents using in-person signature fields. An iPhone version of the app is also now released.
    • Users now have the ability to edit signature workflow templates and configure how e-signature should be created within mobile signing apps. Improved document ordering is also provided.
    • Ascertia Docs admin can now assign service plans to multiple pre-existing users.view full release notes.
  • Brazil: DigitalSign commences PKI operations with ADSS Server

    Jan 01, 2014
    DigitalSign ( has embraced Ascertia ADSS CA Server, ADSS OCSP Server and ADSS TSA Server products to provide a PKI infrastructure to meet the demanding needs of the Brazilian ITI’s ICP-Brasil programme. DigitalSign are already creating advanced digital certificates on smartcards to meet the local business requirements and using Ascertia’s ADSS Server and PDF Sign&Seal products to sign business documents and data. Ascertia has now extended its signing options to show certificate entitlement data within visible PDF signatures to clarify why people are signing.
  • Spain: Gas Natural selects Ascertia ADSS Server

    Dec 15, 2013
    Gas Natural ( has selected Ascertia ADSS Signing Server to provide e-trust services to meet their business needs to verify a variety of signed business documents in various formats and create long-term trust for their business document archives. ADSS Signing Server with its sophisticated support for ETSI PAdES, XAdES, CAdES e-signature formats, high availability deployment options and easy integration was a clear favourite to meet this need.
  • Ascertia Docs v5.6.2 released

    Nov 05, 2013
    Ascertia Docs has been enhanced to provide a new In-Person signing feature for face-to-face meetings where an end-user e-signs a document which the main business user witnesses and digitally signs and binds both signatures into a document. Support for simple e-signatures is now provided for users that do not wish to have an account or use a digital certificate. Other new features include Enterprise branding such that their Enterprise Users see the branding set by their Enterprise Admin, the option to sign multiple documents in one operation and much more. Click here to see the release notes.
  • ADSS Server v4.7.5.1 released

    Oct 26, 2013
    ADSS Server has been enhanced to improve industry interoperability for PAdES Part 4 LTV signatures, ADSS Go>Sign Applet now supports the recent updates to Java 7 security, ADSS Server now uses Java 7 update 25 and Apache Tomcat 7.0.42 to support the latest versions and security patches, Internal CRL processing and checking has been enhanced, SCVP advanced validation options and reporting have been extended. Click here to see the release notes.
  • Europe: Ascertia Sponsors National eID & ePassport Conference

    Sep 30, 2013
    Ascertia is sponsoring the National eID & ePassport Conference in Berlin on 28-29 October. Ascertia will be promoting how organisations can leverage maximum value from their eID trust schemes using advanced document signing and verification, approval workflow & tracking and secure archiving solutions. Demonstrations of these applications together with Ascertia's advanced PKI and eID management systems will be available upon request. To book an appointment with Ascertia at the event please contact us.
  • Ascertia Docs / SigningHub Android App released!

    Sep 27, 2013
    Following on from the success of SigningHub iPad app, Ascertia today released the Android version. The native app available from Google Play store offers advanced digital signature functionality meeting the latest PAdES (part 2 and part 4) specifications. Create e-signatures using your finger or stylus and then wrap this in a advanced long-term digital signature using your own PKI signing key held on the server. All the advance features like mobile OTP authentication are available from this easy to use smart app. Get it now from:

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