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  • Brazil: ADSS Server is officially certified as meeting the Government (ITI) requirements

    Aug 07, 2013
    Ascertia ADSS CA Server has passed the Brazil Government audit and meets the stringent requirements for CA systems. The assessment was carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Information Technology (ITI) as part of the ICP-Brasil Programme. Ascertia’s partner DigitalSign will now deploy an ADSS Server powered digital signature service portal to enable its certificate holders to sign various documents using ETSI PAdES, XAdES, CAdES and other signatures formats. DigitalSign were impressed with the quality and functionality of the ADSS CA Server and the way it meets the detailed ITI requirements for Certificate Authority in Brazil.
  • Ascertia Docs 5.6.1 released

    Aug 01, 2013
    The latest version of Ascertia Docs provides many new features including Mobile device based user authentication and digital signatures using ETSI MSSP protocols. Other newly added features are: templates support for the saving of initials and form fields, custom signature appearances, Tiff to PDF conversion, support for SHA-256, PAdES Part 4 LTV signatures and improved installer. Click here to learn more.
  • Turkey: KDG Partners selects ADSS Server to power a new Document and Data Signing Service

    Jul 17, 2013
    Ascertia’s partner in Turkey, KDG Partners, has entered an agreement with Ascertia to use ADSS Server to provide a multi-tenanted, multi-functional digital signature service for various organisations in Turkey. The immediate use case is to provide bulk UBL invoice signing services to meet new legislative requirements, however the digital signature service can also sign PDF, XML and other data formats.
  • Global: Ascertia and Entrust Partner to create digital signature solutions

    Jul 01, 2013
    Ascertia and Entrust have been working together for a while in various eID projects in the Middle East and in Europe. Ascertia and Entrust have now partnered with each other to provide digital signature signing solutions using Entrust Identity Guard. Entrust is able to resell ADSS Server and Ascertia Docs products and Ascertia supports integration with Entrust IDG and Entrust Security Manager credentials.
  • ADSS Server 4.7.4 released

    Jul 01, 2013
    ADSS OCSP Service has been enhanced to enable compliance with RFC 6960 white list checking. Ascertia ADSS OCSP Server is one of the first OCSP responders globally to support this RFC 6960 white list checking mechanism and extension. Not only does ADSS OCSP Server return revoked status for such non-issued certificates but it also allows real-time alerts to be generated and sent to configured administrators when such a non-issued certificate is encountered. This will help to quickly detect, analyse and resolve a potentially disastrous situation for a CA service provider! Click here to learn more about the importance of white list checking.
  • USA: Surescripts selects Ascertia OCSP and CRL Monitoring tools

    Jun 29, 2013
    After testing Ascertia’s advanced test and monitoring tools, Surescripts has licensed OCSP Monitor, CRL Monitor, OCSP Client Tool and OCSP Crusher products to enable IT security staff to have improved management oversight of the trust infrastructure services they run.
  • Africa: Ascertia agrees to work with CAD Systems in Nigeria

    Jun 26, 2013
    Ascertia has agreed to work with CAD systems on ADSS Server and Ascertia Docs opportunities in Nigeria. This provides a powerful set of PKI core services within an easy to use solution that simplifies the flow of documents, removing the need for paper and providing strong document protection and document signature services to ensure integrity and authentication.
  • Europe: Gas Natural selects ITC21 and Ascertia to deliver a document signing and verification solution

    Jun 03, 2013
    Gas Natural has selected Ascertia’s Spanish partner ITC21 to deliver ADSS Signing Server to power its new document signing and document signature verification services. The solution enables signer certificates from various internal and external CAs to sign documents using ETSI PAdES, XAdES, CAdES signature formats. The solution also verifies and enhances these signature to timestamped, long-term and archive formats as required.
  • ADSS Server 4.7.3 released

    Jun 01, 2013
    The latest version provides number of new features including, enhanced ADSS Go>Sign Service which now creates basic PKCS#1 signatures which can be extended on the server, this means the applet is much smaller to download and with better overall performance. ADSS Go>Sign Applet now also supports the NSS key store, as well as PKCS#11 support on Apple Mac OS and Linux., The Go>Sign Viewer now supports PDF form field entry. In addition to this ADSS Verification Service is also enhanced such that each verification profile can define the policy for allowed hash algorithms, key algorithms and key lengths. The ADSS Signing Service APIs have been enhanced to allow XML, XAdES, PKCS#7, CMS, CAdES signatures to be created when only the hash is sent to ADSS Server for server-side signing.
  • Europe: KvK selects Evidos and Ascertia to deliver a PDF document signing and verification solution

    May 16, 2013
    KvK is the organisation that registers all companies in the Netherlands. They have selected Ascertia’s Dutch partner Evidos to deliver Ascertia ADSS Signing Server to provide PDF signing using long-term digital signatures. The solution enables signer certificates from various CAs to sign documents using ETSI PAdES signature formats to authenticate that documents are from KvK and to protect them against unauthorised changes.

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