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  • Ascertia Docs 5.6 released

    May 01, 2013
    The newly released version of Ascertia Docs has improved performance and architecture to support mobile authentication for user login as well as mobile document signing using PKI keys/certificates held locally on the user’s mobile device (iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices). Following general enhancements have been made: Enterprise Admins can create Enterprise Managers to perform Enterprise user creation, deletion and billing operations, document library and improved Ascertia Docs iPad app (branded as SigningHub).
  • Europe: Ascertia agrees to work with Doc Engineering in south-eastern Europe

    Apr 24, 2013
    Ascertia has agreed to work with Doc Engineering on opportunities that arise in south-eastern Europe for ADSS Server, ADSS Go>Sign Applet and Ascertia Docs opportunities.
  • Africa: Ascertia signs a partnership deal with Trust360 in Ghana

    Apr 01, 2013
    Trust360 has signed an agreement with Ascertia to provide managed document workflow and digital signature approval services powered by Ascertia Docs within Ghana. This provides a powerful PKI based solution that simplifies the flow of documents, removing the need for paper and providing strong document protection and document integrity and document signature services to ensure integrity and authentication.
  • Ascertia Docs v5.5.2 released

    Feb 01, 2013
    Ascertia Docs now uses the new ADSS Server Go>Sign Service to provide local signing and thus gains these key features: enhanced certificate filter criteria, flexible signature appearance management, support for multiple PKCS#11 devices, UAE eID card integration for hand signature image capturing. Also integration with business applications has been enhanced i.e. send optional document workflow history report, directly control signature fields, signer email address, signing order, and the optional document and signing permissions, new web service call for change user password. The Ascertia Docs installer has been improved to detect any missing installation dependencies.
  • ADSS Server v4.7.1 released

    Jan 30, 2013
    ADSS Server Certification and RA Services have been enhanced to support the CAB Forum EV SSL requirements. ADSS Server certificate templates now supports the Acrobat Authentic Documents Extended Key Usage (EKU) option. ADSS Go>Sign Service has been enhanced to provide tight integration with UAE eID card features.
  • Cyprus: FxPro selects Ascertia Docs for document workflow and digital signature approval

    Jan 16, 2013
    FxPro, a global company providing innovative online Foreign Exchange brokerage services, selected Ascertia Docs to power document workflow and digital signature approval services for its financial services client base. The speed of installation, intuitive user interface and multi-lingual capabilities were crucial for the project. The solution provides powerful PKI services that remove the need for ink-signed paper and providing strong document integrity and signature services to ensure integrity and authentication.
  • Europe: ESG Group selects ADSS Signing Server for PDF invoice signing

    Jan 07, 2013
    After extensive testing UK based ESG Group selected Ascertia’s ADSS Server to power its PDF invoice signing solution using Adobe rooted GlobalSign CDS certificates. The solution uses a high trust corporate signing certificate to sign the invoices using ETSI PAdES signatures to authenticate that documents are from ESG and to protect them against unauthorised or fraudulent changes.
  • Europe: Ascertia extends its business relationship with Comtec Net

    Jan 01, 2013
    Ascertia and Comtec Net have signed an agreement to work together in 2013. Comtec Net provide long-term document archiving services for Comtec’s clients and their financial documents.
  • ADSS Server v4.7 released

    Dec 30, 2012
    The latest release of ADSS Server now includes a new ADSS RA Service module. This service manages certification and revocation requests from end-users, applications, servers and network devices (SCEP Protocol). In addition the ADSS Go>Sign Service and Applet have been enhanced to support local key generation and CSR handling for the ADSS RA Service. Enhanced ink signature support is provided for Wacom & Signotec tablets in both Citrix and non-Citrix environments.
  • Ascertia Docs v5.5.1 released

    Dec 01, 2012
    The Ascertia Docs iPad app has been enhanced to a) support OTP (One time password) via SMS, b) offer the ‘remember me’ option at login time, and c) verify digital signatures within the document. Ascertia Docs has been enhanced to allow optimized collaboration. Ascertia Docs can now allow user registration using existing ADSS Server held keys and certificates. Document owner billing is now supported – this allows all signatures to be charged against the document owner instead of the signer. Payment gateway configuration data can now be entered within the Ascertia Docs admin interface. Localization and branding has been substantially improved.

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