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  • ADSS SCVP Server is FIPS 201 compliant

    Jul 05, 2012
    ADSS SCVP Server has been FIPS 201 certified and is now on the GSA Approved Products List #682. It is Federal PKI PD-VAL certified and the first SCVP product to pass the updated SHA-2 NIST PKITS path discovery and validation test suite and thus demonstrably meets the RFC 5055 SCVP standard for full path validation of X.509 e-ID certificates. Read more here. Ascertia now has an unmatched capability in certificate validation with its existing FIPS 201 certified ADSS OCSP Server validation authority (APL #583).
  • ADSS Server and ADSS Go>Sign Applet supports e-signatures using Wacom signing pads

    May 25, 2012
    ADSS Server and ADSS Go>Sign Applet v4.5.6 now support the use of signature pads/tablets so that end-users can draw their own hand-signature and have this immediately captured. Ascertia has integrated with the Wacom STU LCD signature tablet and captures the hand signature image and places this within a digital signature field on a PDF. This is in addition to the hand signature image options. Ascertia’s first user for this is JustID in the Netherlands so that citizens can sign documents and have them notarised to record the date/time of signing.
  • France: Orange Business Services (Almerys) selects Ascertia ADSS TSA Server and ADSS Archive Server

    May 01, 2012
    Almerys has evaluated and selected Ascertia’s products to provide essential trust services for their managed health service solutions in France. ADSS TSA Server provides trusted timestamps for inclusion within archived data records. ADSS Archive Server provides refreshable long-term evidence archive records to show that information remains original and unchanged during its archive retention period.
  • Global: Ascertia's selected by GlobalSign for document signing & workflow

    Apr 27, 2012
    GlobalSign selects Ascertia’s solution to provide a unique solution for aiding internal document workflow and digital signature approval using high trust certificates. The ease of use and ability to create long-term signatures using high trust GlobalSign certificates were a key part of the decision. The Enterprise service plan assigned enabled 30 senior staff to sign important documents using GlobalSign’s USB Token based keys and certificates and GlobalSign’s Timestamp authority.
  • Middle East: Ascertia to exhibit at Cards Middle East 15th - 16th May 2012, book a meeting now...

    Apr 27, 2012
    Ascertia will be exhibiting at Cards Middle East on 15th and 16th May 2012, sharing the stand with our secure token partner SecureMetric. Visit us for demos on document signing, verification, timestamping and workflows. To book a meeting with Ascertia at this event please contact us.
  • Global: Ascertia successfully completes latest ETSI XAdES advanced XML digital signature plugtest

    Apr 13, 2012
    Ascertia showed its commitment to supporting the important international standards by participating in this important remote ETSI Plugtest. Vendors use this to aid the standardization process and demonstrate the areas in which interoperability is clear. Ascertia’s performance in creating and verifying signatures through all the detailed tests was as strong as expected. The Ascertia management team has a very strong focus on R&D in this key area since it is essential for EU and world-wide business.
  • UAE: Al Hilal Bank selects ADSS Server to power bank trust services

    Apr 01, 2012
    Al Hilal Bank in Abu Dhabi has selected Ascertia’s advanced PDF Signing products to provide core trust services to protect customer documents against unauthorized change. ADSS Signing Server makes it easy for core banking applications to access PDF signing services. Ascertia was also selected to supply Secure Metric's Secure OTP tokens to strongly authenticate client login and signature requests.
  • Africa: Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) selects ADSS Server for document signing

    Mar 12, 2012
    The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) has selected ADSS XML Server for to enable ETSI XAdES signatures to authenticate data approval and ensure on-going data integrity for business data. Support for multiple keys within an HSM, easy integration using ADSS Client SDK and support for standards including OASIS DSS and ETSI advanced electronic signatures for both signing and verification were key decision criteria.
  • Norway: Commfides Norge AS selects Ascertia Docs (ADocs) for document signing & workflow

    Feb 13, 2012
    Ascertia and Commfides Norge AS have agreed to work as solution partners in the Norwegian market. Commfides will provide cloud-based document workflow and signing services using Ascertia Docs (ADocs) and ADSS Server products and leverage the existing trust infrastructure and client base that Commfides already has in Norway. The ability of ADocs to work with the existing high trust USB based keys and certificates issued by Commfides and the ability to work with PDF and PDF/A documents and provide ETSI PAdES Part2 (as well as Part 4 and Part 5) long-term signatures were key selection criteria. Ascertia will work with Commfides to ensure that ADocs fits the Norwegian market requirements including the checking of national IDs.
  • Europe: QuoVadis selects Ascertia OCSP Monitoring tools for its high-trust validation services

    Jan 18, 2012
    Ascertia is pleased to announce that QuoVadis has chosen its highly effective OCSP Monitor and OCSP Crusher products to monitor and confirm the performance of the QuoVadis OCSP service. Many OCSP providers have no service monitoring tools and the first they know of a problem is when a customer raises an issue. QuoVadis is once again at the forefront in providing high availability, high-trust certificate management services. QuoVadis is a leading international Certification Authority, issuing SSL certificates as well as digital certificates for End Users with its Trust/Link Enterprise managed PKI offering. QuoVadis is accredited as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP) in several countries, and an issuer of Swiss SuisseID and Dutch PKIoverheid certificates. QuoVadis is audited to both WebTrust and ETSI qualified standards.

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