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ADSS Advanced Digital Signature Services (a server-side product from Ascertia for providing signature generation/verification, certificate validation and other trust services)
API Application Programming Interface; defines the hierarchy and relationship among classes and the function inside them
CA Certificate Authority (logical entity responsible for issuing certificates and optionally also CRLs)
CSC CA certificate status check; used in Identrust architecture to check revocation checking of CA certificates
CAPI Microsoft Crypto API. The underlying library performing cryptographic operations on Windows platform
Cert Digital Certificate
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CMS Cryptographic Message Syntax (a digital signature format)
DBMS Database Management System
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm
DSS Digital Signature Service (a web services standard from OASIS organisation)
GTF Global TrustFinder; a server running locally where some online services of our product are deployed
FSS File Sign&Seal
FP Freshness Proof; used in Identrust architecture to check revocation checking of OCSP responder certificates
HA High Availability; term used to mention high percentage availability of an IT system so with fall-back options to prevent single point of failure.
HSM Hardware/Host Security Module
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTP/S HTTP over SSL/TLS connection
IE Internet Explorer browser
IIS Microsoft Internet Information Server
JDK Java Development Kit; Software development kit for Java base software development
JDBC Java Database Connectivity
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDAP/S LDAP over SSL/TLS connection
LTANS Long-Term Archive and Notary Service
PKCS Public Key Cryptographic Standards
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PDF Portable document format
RSA Rivest, Shamir, Adleman (public key algorithm)
OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol (an IETF protocol for verifying the revocation status of a digital certificate)
SCVP Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm (various different algorithms in this family, e.g. SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 etc.)
S/MIME Secure MIME (standard for signing emails)
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
TA Trust Authority (general term for an authority trusted for some e-service(s), e.g. for issuing certificates, CRLs, OCSP responses and/or time stamps)
TLS Transport Layer Security (a later version of SSL)
TFOCSP Trust Finder OCSP server to handle OCSP request
TSA Time Stamp Authority (authority responsible for issuing timestamp tokens to prove that a document/data existed at a particular time)
TSP Time Stamp Protocol (the protocol for communicating with a TSA)
VA Validation Authority (logical entity responsible for validating certificates or verifying full digital signatures)
XKMS XML Key Management Specifications
XML DigSig XML Digital Signature standard

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