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Review and sign documents anytime, anywhere and from any device

The SigningHub mobile app for iOS and Android enables users to review and sign documents at anytime, anywhere and from any device. Users can quickly review pending documents, securely sign and track document workflow status.

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Login using existing SigningHub credentials.

Note: Existing SigningHub accounts will automatically sync with your mobile device. New users can register for an account here


The dashboard provides users with a high level view of all pending, declined, in progress and completed documents. Users can select one of these dashboard filters or choose to view all documents.

View Documents

Selecting the appropriate dashboard filter (such as pending) and tapping on the desired document opens it for review.


Users can scroll through the document to review it and then tap NEXT to complete the signing process (including filling-in form fields, initials and in-person fields etc.). Users can tap SIGN if no further action is required.


Users have the option to draw their signature using their finger/stylus, or can select the generic signature script font. Select APPLY to sign the document.

A long-term advanced electronic signature is created to ensure trust and to protect the document from any unauthorised change since the time of signing. The advanced electronic signature is uniquely linked to the user providing proof of who actually signed the document. Furthermore, that it is created and maintained under the sole control of the signer and linked to the data in such a manner that any subsequent change of the data is detectable. This ensures trust and non-repudiation. Multiple user authentication options can be employed in the signing process. High trust EU eIDAS compliant Qualified Signatures and also Adobe® AATL & CDS signatures are also supported in the SigningHub mobile app.


Signature verification details are displayed by tapping on the signature field. This shows important information such as who certified the document, the signing location, contact details, trusted timestamp and whether the signature is long-term enabled.


SigningHub complies with a wide-range of eSignature regulations and laws from around the world which require high trust signatures. Within the EU in particular SigningHub complies with the new eIDAS Regulation (910/2014), which supersedes the old 1999 EU Directive on electronic signatures. Read this blog post for more information.SigningHub can provide eIDAS compliant advanced and qualified eSeals and eSignatures using remote signing (i.e. user’s signing keys held securely in the server HSM but under the sole control of the signatory).

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