OCSP Crusher


OCSP Servers Tested to Their Limits!

The performance of an OCSP server is a key factor since it offers a real-time online service. It is important to assess how well your OCSP service is meeting the demands of your users.

Ascertia OCSP Crusher is a sophisticated OCSP client tool for PKI administrators, allowing them to load test the performance and efficiency of their OCSP servers. Each OCSP server can be stress tested with a selectable number of OCSP client requests running in a single or concurrent sessions. This allows PKI operations managers to prove how their systems are capable of responding to varying load conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Multiple batch tests
    Identify the number of batch tests to be run.
  • Multiple parallel OCSP requests handling
    Identify the number of OCSP client requests to be sent at the same time.
  • Secure communication
    Define if SSL/TLS communications are to be used.
  • Concurrent sessions
    Identify the number of concurrent sessions used.
  • Signed or unsigned OCSP client requests
    Send signed or unsigned OCSP client requests.
  • Custom URLs and Ports
    Define the URL and port number.
  • OCSP responder system identification
    Identify the OCSP responder system to which the requests should be sent.
  • Target certificate identification
    Identify the target certificate to be included in an OCSP client request.

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