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Ascertia provides free (short life) and chargeable long-term digital certificates that can be used effectively within test, demonstration and closed PKI environments.

Note Ascertia Root Certificate Authority is not embedded within Windows or the common browsers but can be downloaded from here and easily added.

If your certificates will be used by third parties you may need to consider other embedded trust providers. Ascertia Free Trial digital certificates are provided with a 30-day validity. You can buy low cost code signing certificates, SSL certificates, SSL wild card certificates, timestamping certificates, IPSec certificates and email signing certificates. Ascertia provides some of the lowest prices for digital certificates available on the web to help people test, develop and use PKI solutions.

Product Name Duration Unit Price Purchase Try Free
Email / document signing
To secure emails and sign documents i.e. PDF, Word etc.
7* Buy Try
SSL Server
To secure a single web-domain.
17* Buy Try
Wild Card SSL
To Secure multiple domains.
20* Buy Try
Code Signing
To secure java applets and code and / or Microsoft Authenticode.
17* Buy Try
Time Stamping
To issue Timestamps.
17* Buy Try
To secure IP connections.
17* Buy Try
SSL Client
SSL Client Certificate.
7* Buy Try

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